fail to build front end

Hi. My project is in V24 and I try to compile in order to deploy my app. I have an error
Failed to execute goal e[32mcom.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:24.0.5:build-frontende[m e[1m(default)e[m on project e[36mpartfindere[m: e[1;31mCould not execute build-frontend goale[m: Error occured during goal execution: Cannot invoke “java.lang.Class.isInterface()”

I have found this post in StackOverflow

That’s indicate a solution: compile it without --enable-preview.
But I don’t know how I can do that ? I think it’s in the pom but where ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, someone know where I can add this parameter ? thks in advance

It is parameter for java compiler

thank you. I have added the parameter of my installed JRE in Eclipse but my problem isn’t solve . I have this error when I build

Failed to execute goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:24.0.4:build-frontend (default) on project partfinder: Could not execute build-frontend goal: Error occured during goal execution: Cannot invoke “java.lang.Class.isInterface()”

I’ve fixed my problem, I’ve found the defect addon. In my POM I had

com.github.appreciated app-layout-addon 21.0.0-beta1

I have deleted it and now the build is done