Fail to align field caption and field inline in custom form

i have created a custom form. I need field caption and the field inline inside my Custom form. I have used Horizontal layout to add the fields vertically but field caption will be shown above the field. I have tried using FormLayout but i couldn’t achieve to add the fields in vertical(side by side) instead fields added horizontally. If we use the Framework means its main advantage is to lessen the complexity for developer but i found in many scienerio Vaadin has failed to implement the basic requirements of the developers for example Custom field Validations where custom error messages printing twice, date field validations where developers failed to not edit dateField and in Custom forms. Could you please help me out regarding my quiery?? And i have read the discussion regarding the same issue () but i need better programatic solution instead of modifications in CSS. Hope i may replied soon… :blink:

Thanks vaadin i finally got the solution using CSS…:grin: