Facebook page

Did you notice that there is a
Vaadin FaceBook Page

Even thought the page is practically empty, there are lots of people who “like” the page. Any ideas on what should do with the page? Should we just let it be or somehow try to facilitate discussion there?


Vaadin is a very technical and specific topic, so I don’t think Facebook is a very good forum for us. We could mirror Twitter and blog activity on the group, but I think that vaadin.com is a better place for related discussion.

loading videos of applications that showing the power and the easy programming of vaadin, at least video of vaadin demo, poeple can share and the developer know at least another developer…

Links to the most interesting post in forum!


I think mirroring twitter and the blog would be nice to spread word of vaadin.
But not much more. The forum should remain where it is now.

hnm exactly we could share our demos on current working with vaadin.and make discussions about what we don’t know,where we are wrong and much more about vaadin map integrations.also there is gd discussion forum of vaddin.com itself.

A quick wrap-up: Decided to leave Facebook page as is for now. It is mostly just a marker for “liking Vaadin” on Facebook.