Extra DIV after label in Internet Explorer

My layouts are all wonky in IE.

When I add a label component to a VerticalLayout, I get one DIV for the label but then another DIV after that creates a big blank space. I use firebug in Firefox to see that the HTML has no such DIV in that browser, but in IE there is an extra DIV that is quite visible to the screen. See markup below (with a bunch of stuff added by Firebug Lite, I assume). The div with class v_caption is like the one that shows up in Firefox, but the one with class v-label is entirely unique to the markup when running under IE.

Embarked passenger count: 1
" vownerpid="PID98">
Embarked passenger count: 1
" tkpid="PID98"/>

What the heck? Is this a GWT problem? It seems unlikely, since it is ungoogleable (yes, I just made up that word).

If anyone has insight, please post.

Thank you very much.

Conrad Gustafson

A common mistake: a Label has both a caption and a value, and you should be modifying the value.

The value is the component itself - it is always visible and takes space - whereas the caption is displayed
by the layout containing the label
, outside the label itself, if not null.

Yep, that was it. Not obvious, but rational now that I understand it.

Thanks for the help.