External Resource - Form Based Authentication


in our Vaadin Application I need to show the contents of a servlet that resides on another server (legacy project, currently in migration). For that purpose I wanted to use the ExternalResource in a BrowserFrame.

Unfortunately the servlet redirects to a page with form-based auhentication. I manage to authenticate and get the real content using Apaches HttpClient (just for testing).

Is there a way to include this in the BrowserFrame somwhow? Some kind of external resource with authentication?


do you get a session cookie (e.g. JSESSIONID, PHPSESSID, …) from the HttpClient request?

Maybe it is possible to pass it as GET parameter to the legacy project. So you would end up with an url like this: https://legacy-project.local/?JSESSIONID=asdfasdfasdf

Thanks, thats the approach we are trying to implement now!