Export a view as a webcomponent

I created a simple view (with the designer). Is it possible to “export it” as a webcomponent to reuse it in an Angular application ?

Did you check this section in the documentation yet? https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/flow/embedding-flow-applications/tutorial-webcomponent-intro.html

Ok, thanks, I didn’t see it.
But it seems that this kind of export involve that the component is related with a backend logic.
It means that it must be deployed somewhere.

My idea was : can I create my own webcomponent (made with the vaadin designer), so I could use it in an offline PWA angular application ?

If I understand your description correctly, yes (assuming we’re talking about Designer for Vaadin 10 or above). You just can’t rely on any Vaadin’s server side functionality in that case. You don’t need to “export” anything, the template itself should be a standalone Polymer web component.

Ok, good. I’m just discovering the world of frontends, with angular and so on… so I will try

Thanks !