Experimental Eclipse Plugin - Visual Designer - PopupDateField

I installed a fresh instance of Eclipse Kepler and installed the Ecilpse Plugin from http://vaadin.com/eclipse/experimental.

When I create a PopupDateField from the Visual Designer and try to set the Resolution to something other than the default, I get a compilation error because it tries to do:


Where the API for v7 is setResolution(Resolution).

Any way to fix this?

This is a bug in the Visual Designer where the code generation has not been updated after DateField.setResolution() was updated to use enums instead of integer constants. You could file a bug of it over at

You can probably work around the issue by configuring the datefield resolution manually in code outside of the @AutoGenerated methods.

Thanks for your reply John. I tried to fix the code manually but it immediately got overwritten by the designer. Doing it outside the @AutoGenerated methods is a great idea, thanks!