Expandable grid


I have a simple grid. Two columns with a variable amount of rows. I want to make it so i have a header row with an arrow that can collapse and show the whole grid. So when i bring up the app, only the header row is visible with an arrow, and i can click to expand/collapse to show the rest of the grid. A treegrid seems like overkill since i dont need any hierarchical structure, just the ability to collapse/expand one row.I exclusively use IE and ive read that Drawyer doesnt work with IE 8 and above. I return a list of the objects and the object just has to string variables. Any help with this? I am new to Vaadin.


There’s no built-in feature for that kind of behavior, so I think TreeGrid (or Tree) would be the easiest way. Other than that, you could possibly try some CSS tricks, but that will require some amount of work if it’s possible at all.