Exception thrown when calling VaadinServlet.init( ) is displayed on browser

We deploy our web application as a war file using a separate embedded Jetty server that is configured to not display stack traces for exceptions.

      ErrorHandler errorHandler = new ErrorHandler( );
      errorHandler.setShowStacks( false );
      server.setErrorHandler( errorHandler );

However, when we removed the frontend folders from our war file to ensure that it behaves as expected and navigated to the website, we saw the full stack trace for the exception (image and log files attached).

According to the logs, it doesn’t seem like the exception is propagated through our code at any point, so we have no way of catching and logging it.

Is there any way to stop the exception from being shown to the user?

We are using Vaadin version 14.0.13.

18460059.txt (8.5 KB)