I write simple Excel File Impoet to Vaadin Table .

Welcome comments or suggestions

Here is some example code
I wrote to show how to upload and read a CSV file into a Vaadin table.

You’d need to change the buildContainerFromCSV to use
if you want to read .xls or .xlsx files



EDIT: Oh - and I’ve just found
some more example code
I’ve written to read an Excel file into a Vaadin container. You should be able to combine both examples!

Thank you
I will carefully study under.

Hi Winnid, good job for making this add-on, exactly what I wanted…

just want to ask what version of poi will be used for .xlsx file?

I’m getting this error if I upload a .xlsx file >>>> The supplied data appears to be in the Office 2007+ XML. You are calling the part of POI that deals with OLE2 Office Documents. You need to call a different part of POI to process this data (eg XSSF instead of HSSF)

I included to my library poi-3.9-20121203.jar, poi-excelant-3.9-20121203.jar, poi-ooxml-3.9-20121203.jar, poi-ooxml-schemas-3.9-20121203.jar