Example of table filtering

Neither the sampler nor the Book of Vaadin Examples show examples of table filtering, unless I missed them.
While the usage isn’t hard, I suggest to add these samples, if possible.
In particular, I was curious to know if there was a filtering indicator like the one for sorting.
And looking at simple example code is always useful to get started quickly… :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, the SimpleAddressBook tutorial shows an example of filtering, although not using Container.Filter.
My point above (this should be in the visible samples/examples) remains, increasing the number of items in the Sampler can be only good… :slight_smile:

Here is one
. The example is not in the book even though it’s a book example. -_-

Anyhow, filtering a table is just the same as with any selection component as filtering is done at the level of the container.

Good, you are fast!
I indeed see you add examples on the fly following user requests, which is a good thing: we never have enough examples of API usage! :wink:
I know it is a quick & dirty example, no problem with that, but if you feel like improving it, perhaps you can see an empty filter as “display all” instead of “display nothing”, and, ultimate refinement, catch incorrect REs: I typed * and got an exception in the button. Well, it can also be seen as an illustration of Vaadin’s way to handle exceptions, why not! :slight_smile:
Anyway, well done, and thanks.

Please any one provide example code for Filtering table

Odd, the old Vaadin 6 demo does not work anymore… have to fix that.
Behold! There is the
example code
for the filtering table for Vaadin 7. …not that there is any difference to the old example, which does not work for some odd reason right now. It should.

there’s how to do filtering in Grid in Vaadin 7
. That’s what you should look into if you’re alive today.