Event listener


In my application, I have to go to another page(a form engine) and then when the user has filled the form, come back on my application.

To do that, I HAVE TO use a javascript “window.location = ‘formengineURL’”

But the problem is that when I come back on my window, the script is executed again. Is there an event, for example, onLoad(), which is called when we come back on an application which was previously loaded?

Is my question understandable?

Best regards!


how are you executing the script? If you had e.g. a Button which would call
, then it would not be executed again when you return to the application. See also the demo


The problem is that my script is in a “.form” file containing html code. Thus I have to execute it in a CustomLayout and I can’t use the function executeJavaScript…

Another idea?