event -> clickListener.accept ??

Going thru the book Datacentric applications with vaadin 8.
there is this “event → clickListner.accept(menuOption)” source and i can’t understand what this piece of code is doing.
Using Netbeans IDE and the IDE says that line is in error and fails the compiling. Keep saying clickListener is not defined as a variable.

Can you help me?

I guess you are talking about the code [here]
(https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Data-Centric-Applications-with-Vaadin-8/blob/6d4084fe84fed7e2ea44a237e48c89c720101b0b/chapter-02/api/src/main/java/packt/vaadin/datacentric/chapter02/api/TabBasedApplicationLayout.java#L101-L102). That piece of code adds a click listener to the button and delegates the logic to the consumer object passed as an argument when you call the method. Check that the parameter is defined in the addMenuOption method and that you [imported]
(https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Data-Centric-Applications-with-Vaadin-8/blob/6d4084fe84fed7e2ea44a237e48c89c720101b0b/chapter-02/api/src/main/java/packt/vaadin/datacentric/chapter02/api/TabBasedApplicationLayout.java#L3) the SerializableConsumer class.