Error while opening design view

Hi All,

I would like to get help opening visual editor in Eclipse.

My setup/installation as below,

  1. Ubuntu 10.0.4
  2. Eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo) with Vaadin plugin installed.

Error message Could not open design view is shown.

Please refer to screen capture for the error.

Many thanks in advanced.

The visual editor expects and requires a few things about the structure of the class you want to edit.

The easiest way to get started is to create the class with the New → Vaadin Custom Component wizard (if I remember the name correctly). You should not touch the methods marked with the @AutoGenerated annotation directly - they are overwritten by the visual editor, and only certain statements are supported in them if you want to re-open the class with the visual editor - but write your custom code in other parts of the class.

Hi Henri,

Thanks for the solution.

I managed to use the visual editor with the step you recommended.

From the Vaadin project I have created,

Right click on the Project, select New, then select Other, and from the Select a wizard screen, I choose Vaadin CustomComponet (Composite).

Finally I managed to view and test on the visual editor.

Many thanks for the quick prompt.

Hi All,

An minor update on my posted issue, more details/step could be obtained on

The free book is actually good reading material for new beginner on Vaadin like me.