Error: Vite build exited with a non zero status

I’m facing an error when starting my project, unfortunately it started to occur when I ran the following command in the terminal that is directed to the project, but it was wrong, it was in another project, well this was the command: mvn clean install -U -Dmaven.test .skip=true -Pdev -x -e

I tried some things like:
Delete node_modules and Package_lock.json and run npm i.
Delete **target **and also run mvn clean install.
I cleared npm cache.

Nothing worked, this project was still in development mode and was not in production, if anyone can help me with how to solve it, I will put here the file with the error that came back to me.

Vaadin version: 24.3.2
JDK: 17
Spring: 3.2.0
IntelliJ IDEA
Error.txt (14.2 KB)

If I disable productionMode, it gives the following result, as it was activated just as a test.