Error using Hilla React in Flow project

I am attempting to include a Hilla/React route in a Flow Spring Boot application.

I am using 24.4.0.alpha17 and have followed the instructions on page: Hilla | Integrations | Flow | Vaadin Docs

I am getting a runtime error:

The bean 'accessChecker', defined in class path resource [dev/hilla/EndpointControllerConfiguration.class], could not be registered. A bean with that name has already been defined in class path resource [com/vaadin/hilla/EndpointControllerConfiguration.class] and overriding is disabled.

I assume this is some classloader issue with Spring boot?

It looks like you may still have a dependency to Hilla 2.5, in your project, that should be removed (class dev/hilla/EndpointControllerConfiguration.class is from Hilla 2.5)

You can take a look at this example project GitHub - vaadin/flow-hilla-hybrid-example at v24.4

Thanks Marco. I removed the hilla dependency and can now run the application. I also got tripped up because the frontend directory has been moved to src/main which is a more logical place for it.

Is there some way for me to have the “counter” route use my java side MainLayout? So i can have a menu nav bar on the left and navigate between java and hilla react routes seamlessly?