Error loading descriptor - Vaadin/Eclipse/J2EE

I’m currently using Vaadin with Eclipse Keplar. Everytime I load the src branch in the J2EE perspective i get the error:

‘Loading descriptor for ’ has encountered a problem.

I’m using servlet 3.0 and the problem seems to occur as there is no web.xml. If I add a web.xml, the problem goes away. However I understand servlet 3.0 shouldn’t require web.xml

Any help appreciated.


I don’t know what is the exact problem you’re encountering. Servlet 3 requires a server that supports it, so it would be good to know which server and which version you are using.

It might also be helpful to get more details about the error (stack trace or something).

Hi Marko,

I’m using Tomcat version 7.0. There really is no stack trace on the console, only an error dialogue which states:

“An internal error occurred during: “Loading descriptor for AppTrack.”.

As I say, this does not occur if I add the web.xml file but I understand this shouldn’t be required. If you require more information, let me know.