Error: File to import not found or unreadable: ../valo/valo.scss.

Good day,
I’m trying to override a few styles in the valo theme with some changes in my project theme scss file.
My project scss file is defined as follows

@import “…/valo/valo.scss”;

.sentinel {
@include valo;

// Insert your own theme rules here
.sentinel.v-app {
background-color : $color-bg;

Issue 1
When I try and compile the SCSS with Compile Theme button in the Eclipse tool bar, the complie process takes HOURS and I end up having to forcefully shutdown eclipse. I decided to define a Compass builder to handle compilation for me
Issue 2
Once I has defined the compass builder and attempt to compile, I get the following error in my styles.css file

Error: File to import not found or unreadable: …/valo/valo.scss.
Load paths:
on line 31 of E:/Projects/sentinel/WebContent/VAADIN/themes/sentinel/sentinel.scss
from line 1 of E:/Projects/sentinel/WebContent/VAADIN/themes/sentinel/styles.scss

I checked my libraries and confirmed that vaadin-themes-7.4.3.jar was indeed in the classpath.
I even changed the location of my defaultCacheDir for ivy and still no luck
This is really frustrating as it is holding up all other aspectes of development.
Other details about my environment are;
Using Elipse Luna
with the Vaadin 7 designer for eclipse (beta) v 0.8.1
with the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse v

Any help would be greately appreciated

Hey Kenneth,

I have no experience with Compass, so I can’t help you there. However, the theme compilation should definitely not take hours.

A couple of seconds is to be expected; in my test environment/application it took 2398 ms to compile the theme.

If you start up Eclipse, create a new Vaadin application, and click compile theme, how long does it take?

Hi Joacim,
So I tested your approach in a new project and I was able to compile the theme in 5471 ms. So I suspect the issue is in my existing project. Now the odd thing is that the code base is shared in git and my colleauge is able to compile but I cannot do so. We are trying to comiple the exact same code base.
At this point I have delegated the compile duties to him so that I can continue with other work. But it would be nice to know if there is some sort of debug flag I can turn on in the compile process to display any errors I might have missed.