Error "endRequest called when no request is active"

Has anyone solved this issue? It is referenced and, but those band-aids don’t work for me. I am using MPR + Vaadin 7 with push enabled ( using just @Push ). This worked fine, with no issues, for Vaadin 7, so I am confused as to why this is not working for MPR + Vaadin 7. Do I need to use different settings for push? To the best of my knowledge, I obeyed the MPR Push instructions at

Right now, I have to use Vaadin 7 navigator ( ). Could it be that Flow Push does not like this? By implication, MPR + Vaadin 7 using navigator should support it, but maybe that is the source of my problem. Knowing that someone else got it to work in this kind of situation would help.

I get this error even after a “production” build and installing the war file on a CentOS machine running Tomcat. So it is not just a development mode, windows, Jetty, or Eclipse issue.

Both of these, as per the, are medium priority issues, so I feel sure they will be fixed. But if anyone has ideas on how to band-aid, that would be nice.

Not sure if this helps, but I seem to get this error after logging out, when it tries to refresh the screen. In other words, I have multiple browser tabs open. I logout of the current browser tab, all other tabs ( besides current ) go to logout page as expected, no endRequest error. Main tab, from which I logged out, takes a little longer, but when it finishes, I get the endRequest error, and the other tabs ( already on logout page ) start refreshing and get the endRequest error as well ( assuming I click to the tab quickly enough, while Chrome is still spinning in the browser tab ).

Could you please add the information into the ticket(s)?

Thanks, I put it in the issue description in github already, here I think you saw it and added a new label to it. I did not put the information in because, to my mind, the first issue is a closer match. The two issues look closely related, but who knows. Regardless, if you want me to put the information someplace else, just tell me.

It’s fine.
I just asked you to put all info which you have into a ticket (if not yet): it will just allow to investigate and understand the problem.