Error: Cannot run program "gauge" (when running new Maven archetype projec

When trying to run a new project in Intellij 14 I get the following error:

Error running Specifications: Cannot run program “gauge” (in directory “/Users/brainydeveloper/IdeaProjects/MySecond”): error=2, No such file or directory

Is this a Vaadin problem, a Maven problem, or an IntelliJ problem?

I created a new project using the “vaadin-archetype-application-multimodule” archetype for Vaadin “7.4.0.rc1”. I was able to run the “mvn install” on the parent project. When I tried to run the “-ui” module, IntelliJ reports that error.

Using the “EAP” pre-release of IntelliJ 14.x (build 140.2285.5).