Error 404 for all files in /bower_components/


Help me please.
Worknig project on Spring+Vaadin work on server, but don’t work in localhost:8080…

/VAADIN/* - work
/frontend/ - work
/frontend/bower_components/ - 404 for all files ((( WTF....

I try different versions…

Vaadin versions - 12-13

Spring versions - 2.*

Hi Евгений,

My Vaadin/Spring project layout looks like this… and and the frontend is deployed the right place :-)]

![Project Layout]

(Ignore the errors :slight_smile: I’m migrating to 14…)


Oh… It’s my mistake…

I did run Application class, but not bootRun (because has 206 error - long windows command line…)

Now, I create bootJar and run it. It’s work.