Enterprise Mode and Vaadin Icons

I’m building an app that has to be run in IE11 Enterprise mode, which renders everything as if it is IE8. FontAwesome icons appear but Vaadin icons do not.

I’m using modernizr.js, and still no luck.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

Which Vaadin version are you using? Vaadin 8 dropped support for browsers older than IE11, this includes IE11 running IE8 mode.

Vaadin 7

Do you have specific codes that do not appear. I just briefly checked with one of my test projects that when running IE11 in IE8 emulation mode, atleast then Vaadin icons appear.

It’s the


icon. It shows up in IE11, Chrome and Firefox. It does not appear in Enterprise mode.

I’m thinking it has something to do with the @include or @font-face annotations not working in Enterprise.

But why would the FontAwesome icons work in Enterprise and not VaadinIcons? How are FontAwesome being implemented in Vaadin and can I do something similar with VaadinIcons?