enterprise-app for Vaadin add-on

Hi everyone.

I’d like to introduce this new add-on I’ve been working on for some time. The add-on is a set of classes to help in the creation of CRUD interfaces with import and export options, reports (with jasper reports), audit logs, MDI like interfaces, and other features.

I’ve published an online demo at

Well… I hope It to be useful for reference on integrating technologies or for directly use in your own apps. Will appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Great looking add-on!

Would you be able to restart your demo app, it seems to be having some issues.

Hey thank you! I think the problem was a missing jar file (commons-io.jar) or a CloudFoundry issue.

I just published a new version of the add-on. Also, the demo app has a new feature: Server log files viewer.

I’m interested by this add on,
I there a plan for other features to be added?

Hi. Thanks for your interest.

I’m developing this add-on based on other three software projects. Accordingly to the requeriments for these projects, I implement all the functionality that I think would be useful for other projects, in the add-on. So it’s very likely that new features will appear as the other projects evolve. Now, what it’s happening at this point with the add-on is that it has enough features to allow the development of the three products I’m involved on. So, I would say that in the future, the add-on will have a lot of bug-fixes and improvements over the current components rather than new ones.

Well done!

However, When I run the enterprise-app example and calling report, it comes accross with the problem “Unknown property ‘city’ error”.

I know “city” is in “ContactInfo” model. Is there anyone can tell me how to resolve it.


Hi. You are right. There was a regression bug in example application version 0.2.0. Fixed in 0.2.1.

Thanks. 0.2.1 works well.
You reply very quickly!

When I use the jasper reports module, the whole web application is blocked, it gives none response unless I restart the web server. Could you help me with this problem?

Hi Feng.

Could you attach an example implementation so I can reproduce the problem?

Hi, awesome add-on, but I’m having issues with CRUD relationships, I have a onetomany relationship, And I want to get rows so can be displayed in a table in my CRUD interface, just like the example app, also, I saw you have spanish locale how can i use it in all the labels in my app? thank you very much

Cli class, has CLITELEFO, also Vta class has VTATELEFO, so i have a join between them in a onetomany relationship
12387.java (6.99 KB)
12388.java (9.53 KB)

Hi John.

What issues are you having?

In order to use the spanish locale (or any custom configuration file), you must define your own ServletContextListener extending enterprise-app’s
and overriding
. The following example will include spanish locale, and two custom configuration files:

public class MyContextListener extends DefaultContextListener {
	public String[] getPropertiesFileNames() {
		return new String[] {

Don’t forget to change your


Ok, thanks, now I have my app in spanish locale, but I’m having the same situation with onetomany relations…

the first screeshot shows the relationship between tables,

the second one as you see it’s the CRUD table of clientes, and it’s working fine… actually the column ventas is fine, but as soon as I select a row with ventas on it, it never stop loading data… and I got java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
12396.java (6.8 KB)
12397.java (9.57 KB)

Hi John.

only works if you map the property with
@OneToMany(cascade=ALL, orphanRemoval=true)
is not currently supported for embedded
fields. If you need to keep your current mapping, you must implement your own field component and add it to the CRUD via a custom

thanks to your reply but I don’t know how to do that, it’s a little advanced to me, but thanks anyway, it’s a nice add-on

Hi Alejandro,

Got some questions, How can I do queries with HbnContainer???

Hi John. You can extend
and use all the protected
methods. Take a look at the classes inside the
package of the example application.

ok, thanks now I’m getting familiar with HQL, but there is a way to query in SQL? using your add-on…?

Of course. Hibernate session is exposed through
, so you can use
. Please refer to Hibernate documentation to get more details.

Nice, man you are helping me a lot, but now i have another question, in this case I got a Table with containerdatasoure that is a CliContainer form the entity Cli.java, and I want to get the selected values and put it on a separate CliContainer…

CliContainer clientes = (CliContainer) ExampleContainerFactory.getInstance().getContainer(Cli.class);
			t.addListener(new ItemClickListener() {
				private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

				public void itemClick(ItemClickEvent event) {
					Object values = t.getValue();
					if (values instanceof Set) {
			        	Set selected = (Set) t.getValue();
			        	for(Iterator it = selected.iterator(); it.hasNext();){
			        		final Object id = it.next();
			        		Item item = t.getItem(id);