empty grid

Hi guys,

I am trying Vaadin Flow with a very simple page made with designer.
I tried to display a grid and add items in it.
I can see the grid borders, but no item is displayed, nor grid header. Can you please help?

You have to set the height of the view

I assume the grid has 0 height

It’s probably not that if those borders in the screenshot are the grid’s borders.

@teachable-gnu could you open the browser’s DOM inspector (right-click and Inspect) and share a screenshot of that?

it looks like a Grid with no Columns added

indeed. yet there’s code that should add the cols. So seeing the DOM would be useful


I found the issue, I had some wrong values left in the Items property of the grid in the editor due to some tests from before.
Thank you for your help! :slightly_smiling_face: