Empty Grid Header Visible in 12

In 10 & 11, if setHeader is not specified for Grid, then no header row should be visible/present , but the behavior is not the same in 12 , there is an empty/blank Header Row being created.
Is this a bug or any additional option/parameter to be set?

Yes, I just noticed this too! From the documentation, this does not seem to be the correct behavior. I am also looking for a way to ‘turn the header off’.

Hi Vaadin Team,

Can we get some kind of confirmation. Is this a bug or is there any workaround?


We traced this to be a side effect to the fix made for [Simple column does not allow empty-header]

We made 2 bug tickets for this issue [V12+ Grid gets an empty header row]
(https://github.com/vaadin/vaadin-grid-flow/issues/477) and [Simple column does not allow invisible header]

  • Mikael

Thanks Mikael for the confirmation