Empty Grid Cells Visual

If I have a Grid that has an empty cell, it does not look good by default - see attachment.

This may be only when using the dark theme, I am not sure.

How do I fix this?


Note I made this go away with the below changes, though it seems there ought to be a more elegant solution to this. Any suggestions welcome.

Original code:

        appsGrid.addColumn(teamAppMap -> teamAppMap.getApp().getAppVersion()).setHeader("Config Version").setAutoWidth(true);

New code:

        appsGrid.addComponentColumn(this::makeVersionCell).setHeader("Config Version").setAutoWidth(true);

With makeVersionCell method:

    private Component makeVersionCell(TeamAppMap teamAppMap)
        if (teamAppMap.getApp().getAppVersion() == null)
            Div div = new Div();
            return div;
        return new Span(teamAppMap.getApp().getAppVersion());

And css:

.emptycell {
  padding-bottom: 16px;
  padding-top: 16px;