Embedding inside DIV in 5.3

Is there instruction anywhere on howto do this? Existing documentation just states this has changed somehow.

I tried to copy the html code that Toolkit generates when pointing my browser directly to the ApplicationServlet but with no results.

There is a chapter about this in the manual:


It states the following:

The loading code for the Client-Side Engine has changed in IT Mill Toolkit version 5.1.2 and the explanation below is no longer compatible with 5.1.2 and later versions. Please view the source code of the initial page of your application in your browser or see the WebContent/multiapp.html for an exampl

I revieved the initial page but was unable to insert to a div on a custom page.

I also tried to read ApplicationServlet code to find out but it is so convoluted that I could not pinpoint the problem yet.

The attachment for ticket #2789 contains an embedded application. Don’t know if it will help you:


I seem to have some kind of hierarchical DIV element problem which somehow prevents ITMILL from showing.

So ITMILL and the layout I have somehow conflict. Will post results if I can figure this out.