Embedding external applications within vaadin framework

Hi Team

There is requirement to open PDF /Word /Excel or csv files within our web application in Vaadin 8. We have a similar implementation in our java standalone application which we are trying to convert it to Applet and use it in Vaadin. Also looking for other options available in vaadin for this use case.
Looking for either one to work:

  1. Applet integration with the existing third party application with vaadin
  2. Embedding Acrobat reader and MS office within the application using plugins or extensions which can open the file for us.

Tried out options:

  1. WTPdfViewer
    Added following maven dependency :


    And the code :
    WTPdfViewer pdfViewer = new WTPdfViewer();
    InputStream dataStream = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(path);
    pdfViewer.setResource(new StreamResource(new InputStreamSource(dataStream), path));
    This is not working.

  2. Tried using BrowserFrame :It opens a blank window .

Please give your suggestions on this and also let us know about alternative recommendations for the same.