Embedding application via iframe


I am having problems embedding my application into an existing web via an inframe:

	<iframe src="http://localhost:8080/app/test" width=700 height=700>

This code works in Firefox.

In Safari I see an empty frame, only after I manually load “http://localhost:8080/app/test” into the browser the page with the iframe display the content correcly in a frame. Until I close the browser, then the problem is back.

In the Safari console I find Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL file:///W:/test/test.html from frame with URL http://localhost:8080/app/VAADIN/widgetsets/com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.DefaultWidgetSet/5859CC129905DFD12228E00E82ABFC38.cache.html. Domains, protocols and ports must match.

In Internet Explorer 9 I see an empty frame, but when I move the mouse over the frame the application appears.
When I am not using the simple embedding with the test file above, holding the mouse over the iframe does not solve the problem in IE. In this case a reload of the page solves the problem.

I have no idea where to start looking


I have tried replacing my application with http://demo.vaadin.com/Calc/ and the problem disappears.
The differences I find to my application are the theme reindeer vs. runo and the widget set

Now I have the problem that I cannot set breakpoints when the javascript is loaded for the first time, and when I reload the page to be able to set breakpoints the problem is gone.
I will now try to move the DefaultWidgetSet.nocache.js into the classed folder and put alerts in it

The IE problem goes away when I use localhost as domain name, so I suspect a security issue.
When I add alerts to the DefaultWidgetset I see the alerts, but the application does not start.
When I wrapt the contents of the DefaultWidgetset.js info a function and call the function

function foo(){
function com_vaadin_termin...

I get an error after a 15 second timeout that the DefaultWidgetset cannot be loaded

OK. It turns out that IE does not accept cookies in iframes. Nice :frowning:

I need a P3P policy to fix that.