EmailField does not render

Strange behaviour here using 14.0.15. I am trying to build the simplest form to create a new user account, but the EmailField does not render, see:

![Form without EmailField]

private void renderCreateUserForm()
    TextField nameField = new TextField();
    addLine("Name: ", nameField);

    EmailField emailField = new EmailField();
    addLine("Email: ", emailField);

    PasswordField passwordField = new PasswordField();
    PasswordField passwordField2 = new PasswordField();
    addLine("Password: ", passwordField);
    addLine("Password (repeat):", passwordField2);

The addLine(..) method is the same for all fields, so that cannot be the problem.

Any thoughts…? Much appreciated.

Hi Mark. To me this sounds like [this issue]
(, which happens when no view in your application directly uses (aka imports) said component class but instead adds the component(s) through indirect means.

I assume that the polymer template of the EmailField component is not imported, because when building the application, vaadins scan does not see any usage of EmailField in any of the @Route views. IF this is indeed the case, you can workaround this issue by adding this line in your view: private EmailField unusedEmailField;, thereby making vaadin aware that EmailField is used in the application.

\u0000Aah, excellent. Yes, that was it. Many thanks, Kaspar. \uD83D\uDE4F\uD83C\uDFFB

FYI: Under 14.0.15, I discovered same problem, but this time with the TextArea component. But unfortunately, the solution Kaspar suggested did not work here.

For now, I have upgraded to 14.2.0.alpha4, which does nót have this problem for the TextArea component.