Email Signature in RichTextEditor

When using the RichTextEditor I can’t figure out a way to make a nice email signature. Even using shift-return keeps spaces. I assume it’s making every enter a new paragraph. Is there a way to make a nice and tight email signature? I know I could use the TextArea but then I lose the ability to add formatting for an email. I also noticed here in the forums the return is a single line. This doesn’t appear to be the RichTextEditor component but is very similar. In any case is there a way to have styling to compose an email (to html) but at the same time have nice clean email signatures without all the extra spacing like in the screenshot.


I’m wondering if that comment by Tatu could help you: Rich Text Edit Single Spacing · Issue #2384 · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub

That does help. Thank you.

The only challenge is that it appears to be all or nothing because if you do this then you lose the spacing ability between paragraphs. There’s just no way to do something like a shift-enter is there? Ideally sometimes you want the line to be right below and other times you want paragraphs. An email is a perfect example because you want both spacing between paragraphs and you don’t want spacing in the email signature.

TBH; never used the component :sweat_smile:

Ah. Unfortunately that doesn’t work because when you send the actual message the html is still wrapped in

. As in:

<p>My Company Name</p>

Would you prefer it without the <p></p> tags entirely, just as plain text with linebreaks?

That’s the challenge. If I had to pick I almost would prefer <br> tags over <p> tags because I could do some post processing and make the adjustment. Is that possible?

In your post processing replace them :man_shrugging:

If you can process <br> tags, you should be able to process <p> tags as well. It’s not quite as simple but it should be doable. That’s the best way to get it done that I can think of.