Elements Add-On with polyfills?


I have been working with the elements plugin for little over a week now and have gotten a veriaty of elements implemented as components for use with Vaadin Framework, everything is going great… until one of my testers points out none of the Views with elements on them will open in Firefox or Edge anymore.

I have retrieved the polyfill stuff using:

bower install --save webcomponents/webcomponentsjs

But things are still unhappy, I can’t see anything in the demo specifically handling polyfills… is there something I am missing here that is needed to get this to work? Any guidance is much appreciated.


Nevermind, I just spotted this annotation in the Demo’s UI class:


Sorry for the triple post,

Although adding this annotation has stopped the client from hanging completely, I now just get a blank page. Unsure if I’ve missed something else fundamental at this point.