Editing Multiple Items Simultaneously With DataBinding?

I am new to Vaadin, and I am looking at ways to imlement the functionality that exists in my current code base.

We have a requirement that we are able to multi-select our objects in a table and edit them all at once. The form that pops up should indicate when the fields differ in the selected objects, and it should only update the fields that the user changes. Is there any way to utilize the built in Form object and data binding concepts to accomplish this?

Put Table into multi-select mode and add e.g. button component that says “Update all selected rows”, when button is clicked you can ask from your table which rows are selected and do whatever you wish with those objects (selected rows) then. You could for example open a subwindow that contains a form based on your object and when the form is saved, you’d iterate all selected objects and perform mass update.

See more from here: https://vaadin.com/book/-/page/components.table.html , look for phrase “setMultiSelectMode()”