Editing a single cell in a Table

I’m trying to create a table which is by default non-editable, but double-clicking a cell makes the cell editable. Is it possible to replace a single cell with another component?

Table chapter in Book of Vaadin
states: [quote]
You can easily implement editing of the table data, for example clicking on a cell could change it to a text field for editing.
but doesn’t really explain this behavior any further.

I already found
this thread
, but what if I don’t want a popup but a different Component to replace the cell content during edit? After all, wouldn’t it be quite an expensive operation to add a PopupView to every cell if I have, say 10000 rows with 10 columns?


Suggestion. Put textfield in all editable cells. This textfields needs a custom style with background (border) none. So you don’t need to control clicks or double-clicks.
When the user click on the cell (textfield) you can remove your style and you’ll have the textfield border again.