Edit the Vaadin Maven config in NetBeans?

Is there some way for me to edit the Maven configuration established in the Vaadin project by the Vaadin plugin?

For example, Vaadin 7.1 currently uses version 1.6.x of the “jsoup” library. I would like to alter that to the current 1.7.x. I do know how to context+click on the “jsoup” item under “Dependencies” in the project navigator panel to disable that item, and then add a
Maven dependency item for the latest jsoup. That would probably work, but it makes me nervous, especially in the future when I upgrade the Vaadin plugin.

Seems like it would be more elegant if I could edit the Vaadin project’s
Maven configuration just to tweak that version number on jsoup. I’ve looked and cannot find that original Maven configuration. I’ve found pieces of Maven config, but not the main one.

I’m using the current version 1.1.1 Vaadin plugin for NetBeans 8 with Java 8 on a Mac with Mavericks. I am a Maven newbie.

See e.g.
this thread on StackOverflow
. You can use dependencyManagement in your pom.xml, just add an overriding dependency or even exclude the transitive dependency and add your own if e.g. the new version has a different artifactId or groupId.

Thanks Henri.

Yes the answer to my question is quite simple. To quote
this Maven doc

You can always guarantee a version by declaring it explicitly in your project’s POM.

So if I want a later version of
, I just
add a new dependency
. No need to worry about editing the further-down-the-chain dependency in an XML file that is out of my control. My declaration in the master “pom.xml” overrides any lower level declarations, meaning a dependency declared by another dependency declared by another dependency and so on.

  1. Context-click on the
    item of my project listed in the NetBeans project navigator pane.
  2. Choose
    Add Dependency
  3. In the dialog that appears, choose my desired library with my desired version.

Later if I want to change the version again, edit the “pom.xml” under the “Project Files” item of my project in NetBeans Project Navigator pane. Find the desired library in tha XML file, edit the number in its “version” tag. Save, and probably do a clean-and-build of the project (the Hammer-and-Broom icon).

You can verify success by using the
navigator in NetBeans. Expand folders to see a list of the .jar files being copied into your web app.