Edit com.vaadin.portal.gwt.PortalDefaultWidgetSet

Hi all,
i am new vaadin and i create a portlet(2.0) application with vaadin. i did configuration to liferay.

  • i copied portal-ext.properties thas is containing ;
    - vaadin.resources.path=/html
    - vaadin.theme=reindeer
    - vaadin.widgetset=com.vaadin.portal.gwt.PortalDefaultWidgetSet
  • copied jar to lib.
  • copied VAADIN folder to …/html. My portlet is working but i want to display swf in my portlet so
    i used SwfObject add-on. i must add to PortalDefaultWidgetSet ‘org.vaadin.swfobject.SWFComponent.’ implementation.
    when i add this implementation to PortletDefaultWidgetset, will portlet display swf ? i am not sure but i want to try.
    How can i do this ? Any idea?

Liferay output ;
"Widgetset does not contain implementation for org.vaadin.swfobject.SWFComponent. Check its @ClientWidget mapping, widgetsets GWT module descrioption file and re-compile your widgetset. "

Whether for Liferay or for other deployments, when you add an add-on that contains a client side widget, you need to recompile the widgetset. See
the instructions on using add-ons
and follow the link for your IDE.

You do not need to modify the existing PortalDefaultWidgetSet, but you can create your own (normally inheriting PortalDefaultWidgetSet or DefaultWidgetSet), copy it to the VAADIN directory on the portal and change the reference in portal-ext.properties. Your portlet.xml should not refer to any widgetset when one is specified on the portal level.

Remember to restart Liferay after modifying the configuration file, and to recompile and re-copy the widgetset and themes whenever you upgrade the Vaadin version used on the portal.

On a portal, you should use a single widgetset that contains all the widgets you need. The PortalDefaultWidgetSet also contains some widgets for the demos that you might not need, and currently does not contain portal-specific features beyond those in DefaultWidgetSet, so basing your widgetset on DefaultWidgetSet might give you a slightly smaller (= faster to load) widgetset - unless you are planning to run the Vaadin demos on the portal. The portal widgetset might get some portal specific features in the future, though.