Edge features in Vaadin 7


I am currently building up a Vaadin 7 prototype application to evaluate if adopt Vaadin for a future main project.
I am trying to merge the classical base theme with different Twitter’s bootstrap (glyphicons icons, styles and so on) and I am having quite good results.
BTW the page/fragment feature is really cool.

But I found main issue about these arguments:

  1. Upload: I tried to find a way to implement a multi file upload. I would like even to be able to drag and drop of files from desktop. Everything I am finding in the docs is about single file upload. Any suggestions? I would like not to have to implement a GWT component for that if avoidable…

  2. Video support: I would like to implement a html5 video tag (with the Video class) and have a proper fallback to Flowplayer (a flash player) in case the browser doesn’t support the video format. This is pretty easy to do in Javascript… Anyone has experience on this?

Thanks in advance!

  1. DragAndDropWrapper does support dropping multiple files on it for a multi-file upload.

  2. You could consider checking the browser version on the server side (see Page.getWebBrowser() etc.) and rendering a different kind of Embedded if an old browser version. This requires some logic on the server side to determine the level of support, though.

Thanks for the reply!

  1. I think I will implement something like: http://code.google.com/p/easyuploads-addon/ in my Vaadin7 custom widget set (currently Vaadin 7 is not still supported).

  2. This is a bit tricky while the browser video format support is an hard topic. On the client side I was used to check with Modernizr which file type is supported… Anyway I’ll try for the moment to just integrate Flowplayer in Vaadin so at least I would support H.264 video in my prototype through Flash.
    I will add then to add the logic to use a Video instance in case of devices that don’t support Flash.