Eclipse Project - Compile in Terminal


i am stuck at this point now for quite a few time. I know there are some posts in the forum, but until now i could, figure out what i should do.

Until now i have my Eclipse running with an integrated tomcat for deploy and i have installed the eclipse Vaadin Plugin.
I have never worked with maven or ant, but as i understood that correctly, thats what i have to use.

In simple words, i would like to build my current project outside of eclipse. Until now i just start up my integrated tomcat and deploy the project. If i need to deploy to a server i just export the war file from eclipse and copy it to the tomcat to deploy.

But i would love to compile my current eclipse project in consle including theme if thats possible.
Is there any easy way to achieve something, like export the build script in eclipse or i dont know :wink:

Thanks for any help.

In the
download page
, there is the “Ant+Ivy” tab, where you can download a Zip package containing Ant build script that builds the widget set and stuff.

build.xml for the Book Examples
demo is another example, although it has some special parts and you may need to customize it a bit to suit your purpose. It supports multiple themes and widget sets.

Note that the Book Examples build script compiles themes and widget sets in place, so that you can also use them when deploying from Eclipse. In such case, you need to refresh the project, and perhaps stop the server, clean up caches, and restart it.