Eclipse Plugin Unable to Download New Versions

I have just started working with Vaadin 7 under Eclipse.

When the new project wizard is used to create a new Vaadin application, the 3 beta versions and a SNAPSHOT version are available for selection and the “download” button is disabled. Is this expected? Different to Vaadin 6 plugin but seems reasonable as all available versions are already installed locally.

When modifying Vaadin properties for the generated project, options for changing the version are all disabled. Is this expected? Although unlikely, it wouldn’t be out of the question to want to test the project against a different beta version of the Vaadin runtime?

As Vaadin 7 versions are handled using the Ivy dependency management system, there is no need to explicitly download them - Ivy does it when you select one from the list.

Likewise, changing the Vaadin version in such a project can be done by changing the value of one variable in your ivy.xml so there is no support for it on the Eclipse plug-in side at the moment.

Many thanks for the pointer. Haven’t used Ivy before but now I know where to look.