Eclipse plugin not available for installation.

There seems to be a problem with eclipse plugin download URL (

A connection time out occurs. It tries to access the URL “”, which is an invalid URL. In one of the posts “” was mentioned as the correct URL, but when I try this URL in eclipse “help–>install new software” it acctually tries to look up “”.

I am using Eclipse for java EE developrs.

Strange thing is that non of the links in “available software sites” work in “install new software” section. Probably there is some thing wrong with eclipse software update.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

The correct update site to use in Eclipse is
This will probably try to look for a bunch of files, some which exist, some that don’t (e.g. contents.xml). If you get a connection time out it sounds like you could experience some network issues Especially if no other software sites work either.

Using a browser (either in Eclipse or outside) you should be able to access

The “Proxy” was the culprit!

My system is using a proxy for internet access.
Turns out that you need to explicitly configure eclipse to use the proxy for updates.

In Eclipse the proxy can be configured @

Window->Preferences->General->Network Connections