Eclipse plugin issues

Vaadin 6.8.6
Eclipse 4.2.1

Hello I developed my project mainly in maven+netbeans.
Everything worked until I switched to eclipse :wink: . The problem seems to be caused by gwt widgetset scanning. So i have 2 questions

1/ How to setUp widgetset location used by eclipse vaadin plugin?

My widgetset is in
but plugin creates
I need to use my own defined location.

2/ How to setUp default search base folder V*.java files (files which are compiled to JS) location?

The plugin’s scanner seems to require its own specific Vjava locatation instead of scanning whole project:
My V
files are in:
but plugin requires :
or it fail:

29.1.2013 8:57:58 com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.widgetsetutils.ClassPathExplorer getPaintablesHavingWidgetAnnotation
INFO: Search took 778ms
   Scanning for additional dependencies: jar:file:/C:/Users/Petr/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/vaadin/6.8.7/vaadin-6.8.7.jar!/com/vaadin/terminal/gwt/client/
      Computing all possible rebind results for 'com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.client.WidgetMap'
         Rebinding com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.client.WidgetMap
            Invoking generator com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.widgetsetutils.EagerWidgetMapGenerator
 Widget class cz.trask.monitor.console.vaadin.formfield.gwt.client.VExpandingTextArea was not found. The component cz.trask.monitor.console.vaadin.formfield.ExpandingTextArea will not be included in the widgetset.
 Widget class cz.trask.monitor.console.vaadin.formfield.gwt.client.VFormLayoutWithDescriptionField was not found. The component cz.trask.monitor.console.vaadin.formfield.FormLayoutWithDescriptionField will not be included in the widgetset.

Thank you

That is strange - it should detect the location automatically at least if you have exactly one .gwt.xml file directly in the project itself.
Try to select your .gwt.xml file e.g. in the Project Explorer view and then click “Compile widgetset” - that should override the automatic search.

The other possibility: maybe the plug-in expects the file name to end with “…Widgetset.gwt.xml” and considers other files to be non-widgetset GWT modules - not sure but might be the case.

This is directly related to the previous - the “search” location can be specified in the .gwt.xml file and is relative to its location. If nothing is specified, it is “client” by default.
Anyway, the “.ui.” part is definitely not required, although it is probably the default location where those source files are created by the wizards.

Thank you
has to have
this suffix if I’ll use eclipse (pure maven builds doesn’t require that weird requirement).
(it is hardcoded in plugin). Otherwise it couldn’t be compiled. XXX.widgetset.gwt.xml seems to be not supported too.
Could you discuss it with documentation developers. Or could you remove this limitation? Is it important for that plugin? I spent about one day by playing with these plugins and my project. This prerequisite could help lot of people.
Interesting code:

//Line 483
  String pathStr = widgetset.replace(".", "/") + ".gwt.xml";
          IPackageFragmentRoot[] packageFragmentRoots = jproject
          for (IPackageFragmentRoot root : packageFragmentRoots) {

//Line 178
        boolean compiled = false;
        if ((file != null) && (file.getName().endsWith(".gwt.xml")) && 
          (file.getName().toLowerCase().contains("widgetset"))) {
          WidgetsetBuildManager.compileWidgetset(file, monitor);

Could you
create an enhancement request
about this?

Created issue