Eclipse plugin 1.0 available

The Vaadin Eclipse plugin 1.0 is now on the update site
. Use the “Check for updates” feature in Eclipse to update to the new version.

New features in the 1.0 release include:

  • A new project wizard (New → Vaadin Project). The new project wizard makes it even easier to create new Vaadin projects.
  • Google App Engine support. Create a Google App Engine project and have it up and running in a few clicks. See
  • Portlet support. Creates all needed portlet configurations for you so the project is ready to deploy instantly.

Additionally there are bug fixes, improved error handling, better progress indication, etc.

We have also updated the Book of Vaadin plugin to 6.1.2 at the same time.


Updated the
Eclipse Plugin install instructions

Very nice! Creating test cases just changed from easy to trivial.

People outside IT Mill, please rate it if you use it:

Are there any plans for Netbeans plugin? If yes, any target date for potential availability?
Does this work with Seam Framework?

There is a Vaadin plugin for NetBeans
. It is probably still pretty basic, but I think there are some people in the Vaadin community working on it.