eclipse luna java 8 widgetset compilation

it seems, that the Vaadin plugin version doesn’t recognize Java 8 as a valid VM for widgetset compilation. Shouldn’t the method isJdk16 in VaadinPluginUtil check for JavaCore.VERSION_1_8 as well?

My project has Java 8 set in compiler compliance, build path and project facets. Java 8 is the default VM in my Eclipse Luna. I have a Java 7 VM installed and registered in Eclipse as well. Eclipse itself runs with Java 7.
When compiling the widgetset I get the warning “Not using project VM for GWT compilation” and later a failure because auf class version incompatibilities. Apparently the compilation uses the Java 7 VM.
If I remove the Java 7 VM from Eclipse it uses the Java 8 VM and I get a warning that widget compilation requires Java 6 but the compilation succeeds and everything seems to run fine.


just found: