Eclipse Export => WAR without the "Should not be deployed" jars

I have written a wonderful Vaadin 7 app which is very useful to my company. Sorry for the question about the basics, but when I deploy the war I’m having to go into my Eclipse Export => WAR and remove


…from the war by hand before deploying the war to Tomcat. (These jars wreak havoc on other apps running in Tomcat.) I have Vaadin 7, Ivy. Deployment Assembly includes Ivy.xml. (Is that wrong? If I exclude it will I miss jars I need?) I am not using Ant.

How do I configure my Eclipse project so that the jars that these jars are not included? Is that list of three the correct list?

Thank you so much for any advice.

Hi Jim,

The Vaadin Eclipse Plugin should set up the deployment assembly in such a way that only the necessary jars are deployed (those in ‘default’ configuration in Ivy).

You could try removing Ivy from Deployment Assembly and readding it (and making sure that you select the ‘default’ configuration). If that doesn’t help, you could verify that you’re using the latest version of the Eclipse Plugin and create a new project, as there has been some changes to the Ivy template over time.

Thanks, Olli. I’ll try those suggestions.