Eclipse error about widgets

Could someone help me with my problem that is;
I was coding my app and suddenly I got a message window saying that my client side code might need a recompilation and do i want to recompile now?. I answered yes, but nothing happened. When i run my app on server, it says "failed to load widgeset [path]
". Console windows says this; “Requested resource [VAADIN/widgetsets/com.example.myapp.widgetset.myappWidgetset/com.example.myapp.widgetset.myappWidgetset.nocache.js]
not found from filesystem or through class loader. Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or add files to WebContent/VAADIN folder.” I did not change anything in eclipse, i was just coding and suddenly that happened.

Is that …Widgetset.nocache.js file something that is created for every app or is it one file somewhere?.

Please tell me what can i do to resovle this problem, that prevents me from doing anything?.

edit: New projects DO run.

Your project (using Vaadin 6.2 and later) needs its own widgetset when either using separately packaged client widgets from elsewhere or implementing your own client side widgets. Changes to the server-side classes that have an annotation identifying their corresponding client side widget can also trigger widgetset recompilation.

The widgetset is in WEB-INF/VAADIN/widgetsets, and there is one in the Vaadin JAR (DefaultWidgetSet) that is used by default in case you don’t need any customization.

You were probably using an older version of the Eclipse plugin, which under some circumstances produced no output on the widgetset compilation console. You could update your Vaadin Eclipse plugin to version 1.2 and try again, or enable verbose output in Project Properties → Vaadin and then recompile the widgetset.

In case you were using an older experimental version of the plugin that has marked your project as having a dirty widgetset even though the project does not need one at all, you can remove the widgetset directory under VAADIN/widgetsets and the reference to it in web.xml, and edit the Eclipse project .settings/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.prefs changing com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.widgetsetDirty=false (or remove the whole file).

It is also possible that your application server “caches” the widgetset even if you remove it from the project, you might need to clean the working directories of Tomcat etc.