Eclipse and Tomcat

Ok, i’m going mad, I suppose this is the easiest thing in the world and has been discussed a trillion times before but reading around i’m not resolving and I’m sure i’m not understanding what happens under the hood.

I got my project, an easy one with the UI with @WebServlet(value = “/*”, asyncSupported = true) and the standard widgetset

somehow I was able to publish on tomcat and use the website but after messing around for other reason (i’ll ask later I suppose) now I can just have a beautiful 404 on chrome.

My configuration publish in the tomcat directory wtpwebapps/ where I can find my project name folder with all files (but not classes files! the build is in the prj/build directory but isnt published) what the helf I have to check ?where .class files should be in the tomcat? what should be the troubleshouting process?


little update: i tryed also adding the deployment assembly settings and copy classes in the WEB-INF/classes position
( /opt/apache-tomcat-7.0.47/wtpwebapps/prj/WEB-INF/classes/prj/package/other/file.class as result) but nothing

ok…i was forgetting the restart of tomcat!!! the copy of WEB-INF/classes files solved…hope can be helpful to other rockies like me :), i’m going to open another thread for the more vaadin focused question