EasyUploads: button caption

Hi, just downloaded 0.4.8 only to see that line 127 is still commented:

    // upload.setButtonCaption(getUploadButtonCaption());

Any reason for that?

Well, I’d guess the fundamental reason is that I don’t get paid for developing the EasyUploads project(*). The flash fallback for IE and Opera didn’t support styling or variable width text in its button caption, so I guess I had disabled it altogether. I modified the flash fallback so that it is actually a transparent layer over a std Vaadin button, which makes it more easily themeable and customizable. So captions and standard CSS modifications (via selector: “.v-upload .v-button”) should work since 0.4.9.


(*) EasyUploads is just a hobby project of mine which I develop mostly on my leisure hours. I’m getting paid for developing core Vaadin and official Vaadin addons. Also on my leisure time (when coding something) I’m currently concentrating on OpenLayers Wrapper and DontPush more than EasyUploads. “Hard parts” are kind of done for it, so I don’t get inspired by it as much as earlier. Still, if you need fixes or enhancements for it, you can buy some support for it via e.g.
support. Or if you have the skills and time, you can of course contribute enhancements yourself, I’m happy to review and commit them.