Dynamical Vaadin Templates


i have a qustion about Vaadin Templates.

I want to dynamically embed a Vaadin template. However I would like in the HTML file no Plain HTML but directly the Vaadin tags.

i want to use this tags
Focus Button

instead of these:

is this even possible?

I want to use FreeMarker to bind the elements of the template to the backend

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Vaadin declarative markup is not even a html file as it seems. You can not just use these tags as native html tags. But you could embedd vaadin application somewhere, where you need it using iframe.
The better way I think is to make an application complitely on Vaadin, and insert your native markup, using CustomLayout or Label (ContentMode.HTML) into it.

When i use the Chart-Example of Vaadin in HTML it works.

I think its because i refer the source, isnt it possible to the same with the buttons etc.

Chart Example:

Earnings 2011 - 2014 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 B€ 1.5, 1.8, 1.2, 2.3 1.2, 1.1, 1.3, 0.9 -0.3, 0.7, -0.1, 1.4