Dump in the logs :)

if user steps on the com.vaadin.data.Validator.EmptyValueException and gets an error, then why Vaadin thinks it should spit out 15Kb (or 150 lines) of a traceback message to the syslog on production just to display validation error on the form field?.. :frowning: That results to a gigabytes of complete useless garbage in the log files, when you have just 1K users, not saying of kilohundreds of users (in my case)…

Is there any way to stop that?..

With which Vaadin version? Logged from where?

For the stack trace size in your log, I would guess 130+ lines of it is Liferay servlet filters etc.

I don’t recall what would be logged automatically if you don’t let the validation exceptions from commit() or validate() bubble up all the way to the servlet/portlet. Can you post the relevant top lines of such a stack trace (the parts that actually relate to Vaadin or your portlet + a few more) for it to be quicker to check this.

OK, that’s was wrong question. I remember I tried to enclose it with try/catch but it still printed out stuff. Now I did it again and it is fine. Maybe it was PEBKAC problem, apparently. :slight_smile: