Drilldown and other support classes not found?


I’ve been evaluating Vaadin and Vaadin charts. So far, it looks very good, however I’ve encountered a problem with the Vaadin Charts demo, in particular, the drilldown demo located here:

The code for the demo includes some classes that aren’t available anywhere (or at least anywhere I’m able to find).For example, the Drilldown class isn’t included but is referenced.
Is there a place where the referenced/support classes for the Vaadin Charts demo functionality can be downloaded?

Many thanks for any help/insight…

Hi Peter,

Thanks for noticing the bad example! I went ahead and moved the Drilldown class into the ColumnWithDrilldown to make everything available in the code listing in the demo. Until we get a chance to deploy it, please have a look at
in our SVN.


Hi Jonatan,

Many thanks for your quick answer. I added your Drilldown classes to my project, and voila, works great!
Something that would be really useful would be a zip file that has the entire chart demo source and support classes - it would make it easy for developers to find and integrate the cool features of Vaadin Charts from one place. Maybe to just add a new link along with Homepage, JavaDoc, manual…